Saturday, January 28, 2012

Little Momma, Little Prince, and Little Lord Feducci

We've heard people say that one of the things they enjoy about our website is the scrolling, rolling gallery of pets that enter our doors and, in particular, the names of those pets.  We take these shots in our reception area (and there's a tremendous archive on the website);  at this writing, the gallery starts with a Bernese Mountain Dog named Walter and a sweet-looking kitten named Monster, and includes a rat named Faust.  We have our share of more conventional names, though.    It has recently been reported that, for the fifth consecutive year, Buddy has been the most popular dog name for adoptable dogs, and Lucy was most popular for adoptable cats.   We have 26 Buddys currently in the practice -- five avians, fifteen canines, two felines, one bearded dragon, one iguana, one tortoise and one guinea pig.  And our Lucys are one ferret, five felines, one guinea pig, and fifteen canines.  

It's fun to just pick a word and see what turns up.   In the first name "Little", for example, we take care of

Little Lord Feducci, dachshund

Little B,  parakeet

Little Bear,  Australian Shepherd

Little G,  rabbit

Little Linda,  cockatiel

Little Momma,  cat

Little One, pit bull

Little Prince,  hamster

Little Smokers, cat

Little Rhino, King Charles Cavalier

And in a related category.... a chinchilla called Tiny Puff!