Wednesday, January 11, 2012


In February, Dr. John Baillie will be appointed president-elect of the Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association, taking his place in the leadership of the 1979-member state-wide group, which is the professional association for all veterinarians in the state.   The MVMA names, among its missions, goals of advocating effectively for animal welfare, enhancing the knowledge and skills of veterinary professionals, and identifying and mentoring future leaders of the veterinary profession.  Dr. Baillie will assume its presidency in February 2013.  
At the same meeting next month, Dr. Baillie will be inducted as a Life Member, having joined the organization shortly after his graduation from the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine in 1972.   

 "It wasn't easy to come up with the dues at that point, as I recall", he laughs, "but I think I already knew that the MVMA was in synch with my own commitment to supporting the human-animal bond.  And so I've stayed a member for forty years.   I'm glad for the opportunity now to give back something to the organization and particularly for the opportunity to support and encourage students and new graduates into the field state-wide, as we've always done in this practice."   Cedar Pet Clinic Lake Elmo, and Dr. Baillie, have launched staff members into veterinary school over the years;  both current associates Drs. Anna Ulfeng and Noemi Plantz began work as junior staff members with Dr. Baillie, went to vet school, and came back to work for him after their graduations.  

 "For the MVMA, I had the opportunity a few months ago to participate in a 'white coat' ceremony at the University, welcoming new graduates into the profession.  It was very rewarding for me," said Dr. Baillie.  He also recently attended the Leadership Development Conference for the national veterinary professional organization, the American Veterinary Medical Association,  in Chicago.