Monday, October 8, 2012

We go to a Jungle Boogie...and Dr. Plantz wins an award!

On Sunday, October 7, Cedar Pet Clinic Lake Elmo was well-represented at the annual Jungle Boogie, a fundraising party for the Wildcat Sanctuary in Sandstone.  Dr. Baillie is the volunteer medical director for the Sanctuary, in charge of the health of  120 rescued wild cats from Bengals to bobcats, from servals to cougars, and tigers and lions as well.  He sits on the board of directors and our whole staff is involved in caring for the big cats (see for some amazing stories about this wonderful organization.)  The clinic always takes a table at the fundraiser, and Dr. Baillie shows another side of his personality, serving as the live auctioneer.   

Our Dr. Noemi Plantz was honored at this year's event with the Lion Pride Award, for her volunteer work at the Sanctuary.  Director Tammy Thies named the award for a "pride" of lions, noting that it takes a group of individuals to keep the Sanctuary going.   Dr. Plantz started helping out  even before she went to veterinary school, and now works with Dr. Baillie in primary medical care for the Sanctuary residents.   (See an earlier story in this blog about our doctors' work when tiger Titan received four simultaneous root canals!)   "I enjoy working on the big cats", Dr. Plantz said, "many of whom arrive at the Sanctuary with significant medical problems."  

Dr. Baillie is a previous recipient of a Lion Pride Award.