Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cat Facts

We were interested to read some material from Darlene Arden's new book The Complete Cat's Meow. Here's a sample of fun facts about your favorite feline.

1. A domestic cat can run about 31 mph. (!)
2. Cats walk on their toes, which probably accounts for their graceful movements. In ballet there is a step called pas de chat -- the cat step. It's a little jump to the side.
3. Your cat will only respond to catnip if she has the catnip gene. Not every cat is born with this gene, and it doesn't show up right away, so don't expect a young kitty to respond to catnip the way an older one will.
4. Thirty-two muscles control a cat's outer ear, and he can rotate it ten times faster than a dog. In fact kitty can rotate each ear 180 degrees.
5. Cats have scent glands in their cheeks, so if your cat rubs against you she is "marking" you as hers. She really does love you. She'll also mark furniture and clothing this way. Everything she likes is hers. It's also her way of leaving her "mark" to say that she was there.
6. Cat whiskers are extremely sensitive. They not only help the cat locate where she is in the dark, but how the cat moves them is an indicator of the cat's feelings at any given time. The top two rows of whiskers can move independently of the bottom two rows.